Is anyone having any success using Tempshare "http://tempshare.articulate.com/"?  I can upload files but they won't publish. I get the error message " Sorry, we were unable to publish this file."  I've tried different files (both Publisher 09 and Storyline) and different browsers (Firefox and Chrome, both latest versions).  Does anyone have any information or suggestions?  Thank you!

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Phillip Weiss

Thank you Nadine and Nancy.  Nancy -- I have used both the zip option in both Presenter and Storyline in addition to zipping them manually... unfortunately, I 've received the same negative result.  I have also ensured that both of my Presenter and Storyline software is the latest edition.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Finbarr,

I tend to always recommend using the zip option from the published successful window vs. doing so yourself. It tends to work better and I'm not sure if there is a particular explanation on why...but using the built in option guarantees it's using all the files and folders made as a part of the publish process prior to an author moving or renaming any of the files.