Test Out Option (Blending Storyline and RISE)

Oct 13, 2023

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can weigh in with a 'how-to' for me. 

The majority of our suite has been built in RISE but I want to investigate a test-out option. 

The way I want it to work is:

1. User starts in Storyline and selects either 'Take me to the Test Out Quiz' or 'Take me to the learning module' based on their level of comfort with the topic

2. The test-out quiz would be in Storyline. If they pass, the storyline module wraps up and records as completed in our LMS. If they don't pass, they are taken to a RISE module where they complete the content and the quiz embedded in RISE. When they pass this, the course wraps up based on the quiz completion in RISE and completion is recorded in our LMS. 

I want to avoid recreating all our RISE courses as Storyline courses. 

I have all the functionality working - just don't know how to confirm the 'wrap up' piece. Anyone have any ideas?




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Judy Nollet

I'd guess that a programmer might be figure out how to "wrap up" separate SCORM packages from Storyline and Rise. However, I have no recommendations for finding someone with those skills nor any idea what it might cost.

Here's another option: Put the pretest in Rise.


Be sure to note the caveats listed in the post.

You might also check with your LMS folks. It might be possible to combine the 2 SCORM packages into one "curriculum" that only requires someone to pass one of the courses.