TIN CAN API with Wordpress CMS

Am creating a learning material using Wordpress CMS and embed storyline files to it. And this CMS will be integrated with Moodle.

Now I know that I can publish storyline files to TIN CAN and send the reports to Moodle. But I also wanted to track the activities on CMS pages. Do any of you have an idea if I can use TIN CAN to track students’ progress on Wordpress CMS pages and on storyline files and send the report to Moodle

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Lisa Smyser

I'm still learning the xAPI ropes, but I have my site setup using wordPress and tin can (xAPI). I've set the xAPI settings to capture every activity, so I get a statement for every page visit (user experienced page). I'm not sure what you want to track, but you can get very detailed with the tin can tracking.

David Ward

"Tin Can" is an obsolete term. It was the name of the development project. Now that it's released, it is called "Experience API" (xAPI). API is an acronym for "application programming interface." As the term implies, for two applications to interface, they must share standard programming. The API is already coded into LMSs. For WordPress to interface with the LMS, it must be programmed to send the data as per the xAPI specification.