Tools for Open Text Learner Responses in E-Learning

Jun 29, 2023

Does anyone know of an e-learning tool that will allow learners to give open-text responses to a question and capture the responses from each learner for review at a later date?

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Judy Nollet

Review by whom? 

If someone else (e.g., a SME or teacher) needs to grade/review the responses from all students, you can use an Essay Survey question in Storyline to collect the responses. 

  • Note that the course will also need a Survey Results slide, because that's what tells the program to send the survey response(s) to the LMS. 
  • You'll need to work with your LMS folks for how to pull out the survey info.

If each learner needs to review their response at a later date, you can still use Storyline. Capture it in a survey essay or just a text-entry field. That puts the content into a variable. Variable values are stored in the LMS when a learner exits the course. So they'd be able to see their previous entry when they relaunch the course at a later time.