Turn off next button on a Layer

Nov 20, 2019

I understand how to turn the next button on the base layer but I am missing where to turn it off on a layer - I've read some of the older posts about this but they do not line up with properties for 360. Sorry if this is a dumb question!



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Nancy P. Hemenway

The slide has four layers. Each of the layers has a button that when closed sends the user back to the base layer. Is there a way to set the slide up so the learner has to open each layer before the "next" custom button shows up on the base layer?  All suggestions welcome and thanks! 


Katherine Piatti

I don't know if this will work for your situation, but you can add a condition to the next player trigger that will prevent learners from advancing using the next player button until the condition has been met. in this example, I added a condition so the next button won't work unless/until to learner has visited a button (which ensures they have seen content on the triggered layer) before they advance. 

Ulises Musseb

How does the user access each layer? Through buttons, or does the file shows the layer automatically?

Based on the premise that the layers are accessed through buttons, all you need is to add a condition to the Next button trigger that requires that the state of each button of each layer is visited.

However, if you also use buttons to access the layers, it's best practice to just have all the buttons in the base layer. Each button shows each layer without the need to manually having to close them. Attached is an SL file that shows the scenario I'm basing your post (with buttons to access the layers and buttons to close each layer), and another slide with buttons in the base layer.

I hope it helps.

Steve Hazelton

If you don't want to use buttons, you can do this just using the Next button. Make each click of the next button conditional on a variable value. I sometimes forget that I can use the Next button for more than just going to the next slide. I made a very basic example to show the variable and triggers.

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