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Mar 17, 2011


Was just updating our links to the wonderful Articulate tutorials here for our people on our internal 3M Articulate SharePoint site.

The "old" versions of the tutorial pages had these pages of links for PowerPoint and Multimedia tutorials:



Can I assume the links to the tutorials on those "old" pages are now incorporated into the new tutorial lists in the new Community.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Gerry! The Community Tutorials represent the latest Screenr tutorials by anyone in the community, on any Articulate-related topic. So in that sense they form a bigger pool of tutorials than what's in Heroes. The tutorials here on Heroes tend to be the most often-used tutorials and are organized into a more cohesive structure, whereas the Community Tutorials are more "the full monty"

We still continue to tag screencasts every week when we see Articulate-related stuff that might be of interest (and we often feature these new screencasts on the Monday recap posts on the Word of Mouth blog). There's still a steady flow of new stuff that bubbles up from the community every week.

And of course folks can also feel free to view or subscribe to our Articulate Screenr Diigo feed if they'd like to stay connected with what's new. There's also a pretty handy search tool on that Diigo page, for those times when you need to find a specific screencast but can only remember a few keywords from the subject.

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