Uploading Recorded WebEx Session

May 17, 2011

Greetings - Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am attempting to upload a WebEx recording into ANY of the Articulate products. I know Articulate does not support the .arf format so I converted it using the WebEx playback tool to "flash". However, after conversion, I only see the files in the attached picture. I can click on the .html file "index" on my computer and it will play fine, however, when trying to get this into any of the Articulate products it only has a screen (no audio, etc.) I have tried zipping all of the files and uploading to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My ultimate goal is to be able to upload the recording to my LMS (NetDimensions EKP 7 Series) and have it as a trackable class in the LMS. Thanks!

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Robert Kennedy

HI Kevin,

Not sure how you did the training but you probably want to convert the .arf to an .mp4.  That's one option.  It looks like you converted it to Flash Objects.  Since you are using an index.html file, you may also want to bring it in as a webobject.  Set the web object to find the folder where you have that index.html file and then when you publish, Articulate will create its own webobject folder with the files.  

On another note, one of those files you have listed there is 487 MB.  That's farily large, I would say and so you will have trouble trying to buffer that.  If you are trying to view an entire WebEx, I might say that you should break it up into smaller chunks that the user can click on to access.  Hopefully, this provides SOME help.


Mereki White

Hey there fellow netdimensions user!  Did you ever sort this out?  We are looking to do something similar.  The way I see it there are two obstacles...

1 - the fact that webex records in its own goofy format, which then needs to be converted (and for some reason I lose my chat box and polls etc when I convert to some formats, so am looking for a way around that )

2 - getting that file to then play in articulate effectively - I have struggled with captivate files before, which is a known issue, but also seem to have issues with articulate.

How did you get around it?  Did you consider just working outside of articulate and including the webinar recording as a video file or somethign in a knowledge centre instead?  Would be interested to know where you got up to...

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