Use Articulate 360 in Other Ways?


I'm working with a new organization and they're interested in getting a license for Articulate 360 with hopes that others in their org might use it. I've tried to explain that it's not really "usable" for just anything; it has a pretty specific use, I think. But, I said I would ask if there are other ways people are using it. 

I've seen examples of Rise being used for presentations, and I think it's fairly user-friendly in that others in their org could use it. But, I also don't know if it's really necessary as they use PPT for a lot of their presentations. 


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Holley Berley

Hi Danielle,

Articulate is generally used to create learning content - often in a fashion that is trackable in some way or another.  I've seen Rise used for portfolios, and as demonstration showcases, and I am sure there are other very creative ways of using it. 

If your organization has an idea of what they want from Articulate, maybe you can guide them on whether their ideas are possible/feasible.  If they can't think of a use-case, I'd navigate them away from it until they have a true need.