Using activities throughout course to complete a checklist upon conclusion

Apr 08, 2020

I have a new hire course that contains steps to complete throughout the course. The users are asked to check boxes as they complete the items.  I have a final conclusion slide where I have a summary list of all the things they should have completed. I would like to use a variable within the course- so when they check off an item, it appears checked off on the conclusion slide also. If they fail to check off an item in the course, the listed item on the conclusion side IS NOT checked off. They can then go back into the course and make sure they completed that item. I can't get the variables to carry from slide to slide to the conclusion list.

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Judy Nollet

In essence, variables exists at the player level. They're always available (though not necessarily used on every slide).

It sounds like you're using a separate variable for each item they should check off. But it's hard to troubleshoot without seeing your file. Here's how I'd program this:

  • Set up a T/F variable for each item, with an initial state of False.
  • When the user checks off an item, include a trigger to adjust the corresponding variable to True. 
  • On the conclusion slide, have a separate trigger for each item that "checks" it when the timeline starts -- with the condition that the associated variable is True.
Jennifer Young

Yes, I know. I am sure its something very simple that I am missing because it should, in theory, be working. This is why i was using variable and not solely triggers. I am on a bit of a time crunch, so I stripped it of all the variables and triggers and made it a simple checklist. I will have to experiment and put them back in - in order to send the file. I will do this and attach a file as soon as possible.

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