using Adobe Contribute to embed Articulate into companies intranet

So, not sure if this is doable or not. Sure could use some good guidance. 

I've published a tutorial on Articulate Presenter 09 and would like to embed that into a page of our companies intranet site using Adobe Contribute. 

Contribute only allows you to choose a single file as opposed to a folder so what's the easiest way for me to do that with a published Articulate folder. 

Do I zip after publishing to web, is there some additional steps I am missing? 

I've seen previous posts on using FTP's, Iframes etc but these seem to pertain to website and not a company intranet set. 

I'd be stoked for any help out there 

Cheers much


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Robert Kennedy

Hi Aaron,

You are not going to be able to just publish one file for play.  You will have to "stream" it in some way.  

1. You could house the content somewhere else on your company's server and then direct to the player.html file.  

2. You could zip the files and have it for download on the users desktop.