Using animated icons from Adobe After Effects in SL

Apr 18, 2017


I am interested in using the animated icons from AE in my courses. Does anyone have any experience in this area? I have rendered the icons in AE with alpha channel, but the transparency didnt come through in SL.



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Stephen OHearn

Hi JT,

I suspect Storyline doesn't natively support an Alpha Channel As a work-around you can make your background  the same color as your AE background, render them out and simulate an alpha channel, as the video border will disappear. A simulated alpha channel affect.

If you want to overly the Icons over other graphics then you are probably out of luck.


Jerson  Campos

AE doesn't natively export to GIF. You'll have to export as a small video clip, import to Photoshop, and then export as GIF.

I purchased a plugin to cut out the Photoshop part and export directly from AE.  Its called GIF Magick from Envato Markeplace. I highly recommend this plugin if you plan on creating a lot of GIFs.

Jerson  Campos

Hi Steve,

Mr. Horse's animation plugin is another must have, but alas I didn't discover that until after I already completed these. Instead I used the DUIK plugin "spring" setting to easily get the bouncy effect.

The only one I completely illustrated from scratch was the truck. The other two I used assets that were already built. I just started to practice on creating animation like this so I wanted to make it easy first.

Stephen OHearn

All the same, nice work!

If you are a hardcore AE guy you might want to take a look at MIDAS and Motion from Mt. Mograph. ( they are both a collection of really handy scripts for automating keyfaming and whole lot more- Bit of a learning curve, but really handy when you wrap your head around it.




Jerson  Campos

Yep, I have Mt. Mograph bookmarked on my youtube channel. I learned a lot of great tricks from him.  I will use AE to create animations for my courses every chance I get.  Like this animated heart I did for a medical course. I also did a version with an Atrial Flutter and Atrial Fibrillation (I think that's how it was spelled).  

Here is a promo video I did for my website. 

@John,  sorry I think we hijacked your thread!


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