How to add transparent video

Sep 29, 2020

Hi all,

I am trying to add a transparent video that I created in After Effects.  The video is an animated number count-up that I would use above an animated bar graph that I create in SL.  I have properly created the video in AE, as I have tested the transparency on other videos and they work seemlessly.

Does SL have a problem with using these RGB+A videos when importing into a slide?

I can easily add the video and the count-up will work, however, I have to create a background color on the video that is the same as my slide color.   This takes away any type of gradients or other picture backgrounds on the slide.

Thanks for your help!

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Michael Anderson

Thanks for that. What I'm finding so far is that for a video format to play in HTML5, the format must be supported by the browser. There does not seem to be native support for .mov or .flv files without some type of plugin. I tried converting your .mov to a .webm and then inserting it into Storyline inside of a web object. This works well in Chrome on Windows. I'm not sure if webm files are supported yet on IOS though.

P.S. Thanks to W Gill for sending me a transparent video file to test with!

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