Removing video background when importing videos

Jun 25, 2021

Greetings all!

I have a need to import custom videos of an animated character. The character needs to walk (or other animation) across slide content to another part of the screen, but the video's background color is not transparent. I can make the background any color, but the video software will not remove the background when rendering. It needs to be done in Storyline 360 (if it can be done). Otherwise, I'll forced to create that entire slide as a video and make that slide a video only slide with navigation or other actions.

Any clues?

Thanks and cheers,

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Tom Kuhlmann

Transparent videos are still an issue with HTML5 and not supported. Also, since Storyline isn't rendering the video, it doesn't offer a chromakey option like you'd have in a video editor where you layer video and then output as a single video.

So you'd need to do what you suggested which is to create the character and content as a video and insert on the slide afterwards.

Math Notermans

your best bet is either a transparant gif..or apng, but thats not supported in Storyline. What you however can do is create a spritesheet of it...ensuring its transparant png..then you can animate that spritesheet within Storyline360 with GSAP.....
Although this sample doesnot show it completely, it shows how sprites can be used in SL.

When time permits i make a spritesheet sample...