Using Articulate for classroom based training

Jun 28, 2013

I am new to Articulate but it is my new BFF! I am wondering if anyone has created learning using Articulate that is actually used in a classroom instead of for individual use. Just wondering if I can create lessons that for instance teach concepts - then use Engage or Quizmaker and have the class record their own answers or "vote" for answers, etc. Anybody done that? Thanks

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Bruce Graham

Hi Ruth, and welcome to the Heroes community.

I am currently using Storyline to provide a "digital container" for classroom learning - not quite in the way you envisage though.

The majority of the learning is via discussions etc., but the "Questions from the Facilitator" are asked first on a screen, and the scenarios are provided via videos in Storyline.

There are sections of the course composed of speech bubbles - where the learners take part, each playing various parts - so they get to "feel" what it is like to say some of the words, good and bad.

I am sure that others will come up with other examples, but I am sure this is a way to use the technology that is going to become more and more prevalent.

Once again - a warm welcome.


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