using Articulate on a MacBook

I have a Retina display 13" MacBook Pro and would like to utilise Articulate to develop/convert my current classroom powerpoint based training into an e-Learning format.  Can Articulate products be used on a Mac ??  I am appreciative of the changes/methods that are required to progress from powerpoint based content towards e-Learning but it is the mechanism/tools which I need to adopt to progress.   We already have developed our own open-architecture Moodle based platform to meet with our technical management of the engineering based courses for e-Learning but now need to have the tools to add content !

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Ashley Chiasson

Brian is correct in that you would have to use Bootcamp or Parallels. I'm running the same machine as you, Keith, using Parallels, and Articulate Storyline 2 runs like a dream :)

I will say that Bootcamp vs. Parallels is a user preference, and I know some folks who swear by using Bootcamp, but I find switching between OS' to be frustrating when working on multiple projects, so Parallels has worked best for me.