Using Contractors to develope modules

Nov 06, 2013

I have an interesting dilemma and hope the Community can offer me up some advice. Due to the increased demand to develop eLearning modules to support our products, we are thinking about hiring a contractor to assist us.

Our thought is we would provide the storyboard (content/voice script) and media (images, video). The Contractor would develop the actual module layout/flow, voice, and published files. Due to the type of products we manufacture, limited SMEs, and past lessons from working with an outside vendor to create the storyboards from our ‘bulk’ content dump, we are not comfortable having someone do the storyboarding from scratch.

Is this a feasible idea or is there a better way to do find a resource to develop multiple modules fast?

If this is a feasible idea:

1.       What would be a average rate for this type of project?

2.       Would we have to provide a license for Storyline to the contractor? Are there contractors out there who have their own software?

3.       Would it better to post the job here or a site like

Any advice you have is welcome! Cheryl

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Cheryl, I don't see a reason not to hire a contractor. There are a lot of good people out there.

Here are my thoughts on the questions you have asked.

1. There are a couple of things that will determine rate for the project. One of them is the duration of the project. You might be able to get a contractor to give you a lower rate if you can guarantee them work for longer period of time. The other is the experience of the person you are hiring to do the job. You are going to pay a higher rate for someone who is more experienced, but the upside to this is that they should be able to get the work done faster and without any hand holding. The rates people quote will vary so you need to decide what the job is worth to you (what is the maximum $ amount you are willing to pay) and then make sure you ask each person you are considering what their rate is before you even interview them so that you don't waste each others time if there is a disconnect. Also, make sure you ask for references (make sure the references are for work similar to type of work you are doing) and then check them. 

2. If you expect the contractor to work at your location then you should supply them with all the tools they need to do the job including a computer, software and any other resources you might have such as image libraries etc.  Contractors who are working offsite should really supply their own computer and software.

3. Since you are looking for Storyline resources it makes sense for you to post in this forum. You might want to post in this thread because lots of freelancers monitor it.

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