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Feb 17, 2011

I am new to the Articulate products and unclear who "owns" Screenr.  I see it as an option in Create Screencasts on the toolbar and wonder if it is an Articulate product? I've seen a number of tutorials using Screenr and want to try it out.  Can this be incorporated in my presentation? The toolbar option takes me to Screenr for Twitter and I know the tutorial said you can save elsewhere.  I don't want to save to YouTube or Twitter, just my own presentation for now. So, before I hit done, I thought I'd check.  Thanks!

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David Anderson

Hi Anne and welcome to Heroes!

That's right, Screenr is an Articulate product. Screenr currently requires you to log in using a Twitter account. You don't have to post your screencast to Twitter, but you will need a Twitter account to log in and save your screencast on

To record a screencast and save for use in an Articulate Presenter course, you would first record your screencast and then download the screencast.mp4 file from your page.

You could then go back and delete your screencast from Screenr if privacy was a concern. But if privacy is a really big concern, you'd probably want to look at a desktop screencasting tool so your content was never online. Screenr was designed so users could share their recordings.

Here are a couple good (Screenr) videos on how to insert Screenr into your Presenter '09 courses:

Widya  Y

Hi David,

Now I begin to understand the procedure how to use screenr.

When you encouraged to share how I put video in Quizmaker, actually I was confused,

I have never used screenr.

I no longer remember and use twitter, so I have to create a new account in tweeter....

my facebook membership is not active......

Ok.... I am learning from this forum, though!

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