Using Storyline to create more than just drag and drops...

One of the changes of eLearning is how to allow your learners to practice physical processes in a virtual environment. Specifically I wanted my learners to be able to practice using a fire extinguisher as part of their fire safety training, but most companies are going to balk at letting everyone in the office use up a fire extinguisher practicing on a simulated fire out in the parking lot. So this is what I came up with...

Fire Extinguisher Training - P.A.S.S. 

Pass.Story (Dropbox)

I think this type of training has value base on the research of guided visualization for sports performance that shows thinking through a process helps build experience and confidence. What do you think?

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Alisha Klatt

Excellent work! The screencasts are very helpful.

Unfortunately, the demo and download links don't seem to be working anymore. If there are new links, could you please provide those? 

I'm hoping to create a similar interactive exercise and it would be great to refer to those files. 

Thanks so much!