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Jason Reed

Hi Athea,

There's a few ways you can achieve this. Probably the simplest will be hiding hotspots and then triggering them to appear.

I'm assuming you're using hotspots to jump to each tab... if you're using shapes this will still work exactly the same.

Set the initial state of the hotspot/s to hidden. This will disable the navigation. Then, create a trigger that says: Change State of Hotspot to Normal when media completes. That should mean that the learner cannot navigate to the next tab until the audio is complete and the hotspot appears.

I would recommend adding some kind of visual cue so that the user knows the next tab is unlocked. It could be as simple as changing colours.

The only other thing I'd mention is to consider not locking down too much of your content. In places, it may be appropriate, but overall, adult learners prefer to learn at their own pace and not be forced to review content. Just food for thought :)

Let me know how you go.

Athea Lebert


Thank you for responding. I am not familiar with Hotspots and researched them on the site. However, I cannot find that option on my ribbon. So, I am not able to change the state to hidden. I am looking under the Insert tab and I see New Slides/Slide Layers/Triggers/Controls etc, but no Hotspot. Is this perhaps an update I haven’t received?