Using two sliders

Hi all,


I'm very new to using sliders in Storyline and am looking to create an interaction using two sliders and a matrix with different layers showing depending on the positions of the sliders. Most of the past similar posts have half-built interactions so I'm hoping that someone may be able to assist or direct me to a resource that could help me.


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Lisa Harris

Thanks Wendy. Your video was very helpful. I'm using Storyline 2 so unfortunately can't open the attachment. I'm getting there but still having a few issues. I'm using a value of 0 and 1.

3 of the 4 possibilities are working but am having trouble getting the layer with 0:0 values to appear.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

0, 0 won’t work unless your range is below 0 as the user wouldn’t have moved the slider yet. If you can share the slide I have SL2 so can take a look for you. If that is a static setting where something will be highlighted at 0.0 we can look at that.


If you wanted to show the 0,0 layer you could do a trigger

show layer (00) when timeline reaches xx seconds, that way the user doesn't have to move the sliders but they get to see the base and then it moves to that layer.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

is this what you are after.  Because the sliders are at 0,0 when the timeline starts, that layer or the content of that layer should be displaying unless you do as I recommended above, a trigger to show the layer when timeline reaches xx seconds.

Check out this Peek and if this is what you want I'll upload the file.