Using Unique Slide Titles

Feb 04, 2021

For the longest time, I've been trying to help SMEs understand the importance of using unique slide titles and avoiding the 'Info...cont'd'. What are your thoughts on this?

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Kalena Hornkohl

I am actually very interested in hearing what points you've shared about the importance of the unique names. I don't stress them at all!

Other than the menu and project exports, my end users don't typically see the slide titles, it' just me and my SMEs.If I am using a menu and have a series of same-name slides (because they are all the same topic, just broken up across slides for design reasons), I will remove all but the first slide from listing on my menu. Now I'm quite curious about how others approach this.

Lids Borden

Our approach instead of ...cont'd, so far has been to either 1, ask the SME to come up with a title that reflects the content on subsequent slides of the same topic, or 2.We come up with a title that we feel is best suited and get the OK of the SME.

Having a unique title helps the learner navigate back to a specific page rather than trying to remember where they saw certain information. There have been some modules we have done that have 1 main page and 8+ continued pages on the same topic.

We would much rather have something at the top of each page than nothing. Titles should be intuitive and relevant to the content on a page. 

I hope that helps.