Version control for locally hosted Storyline courses

I've been working on a project that will be hosted on a site, not an LMS, and will need updates from time to time without losing the user's progress. While it's easy in an LMS like Moodle to simply update a SCORM package, if you upload a new story.html file published for the web, it starts from ground zero.

This begs the question - how can you update to a new version (for instance, changing the color scheme or adding a new slide) and save the user's progress? I couldn't find any answer for this, so I found a simple workaround.

After publishing the new version, I upload all contents of the newly published folder except for the story_content subfolder. By excluding this, the hosted folder "looks" to the old saved content (i.e., user choices, variables etc.).

Please note -- while I haven't seen any issues arise from this yet, this is purely from trial and error and I don't know if there are any other unseen implications yet. Any feedback (or different methods of version control) would be appreciated. Thanks for reading - Michael

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Cody Salinas

Hey, Michael.

Have you tried hosting your content using Google Sites? I'm fairly certain that if you upload new versions of your content, a user will still be prompted with the "Resume" prompt. If you haven't used Google Sites to host, take a look at my reply here in another thread.

One downside to using Google Sites for hosting is the inability to use hyperlinks. For whatever reason, the links don't play nicely with Google Sites and the .swf file.

Hope this helps.