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Oct 23, 2018

I have a library of safety training videos (50) that I am trying to convert to Scorm format to put in my LMS.  Camtashia works nice (great compression and playback) but I have issues playing the rendered course on a mobile player.  The length of these video range from 4 minutes to 27 minutes.  I haven't tested in Rise, Storyline or Presenter.  In e-learning, I typically only load short videos. My concern is file size may make them very slow to load. I would welcome some feedback.

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Simon Perkins

For the last 2 years or so I've been hosting videos on Vimeo and embedding them into various places they need to be accessed from, eg elearning courses, intranets, social platforms like Yammer and so on.  

What are the advantages? 

  1. Vimeo naturally have the architecture in place to support mass distribution of video.  LMS' aren't typically designed for this.
  2. Vimeo provides some basics analytics
  3. Elearning courses containing video can still be tracked etc via one's LMS
  4. An organisation that has a strong internal social media culture can gain lots from videos shared in this way ... plenty of discussion, feedback, etc.
  5. Updating/replacing a video on Vimeo means that version is now available on all your outlets immediately
  6. Adding captioning is also easy in Vimeo

EDIT: Although YT has some strengths, it's never been the right solution compared to Vimeo IME.  And not a fan of Brightcove.


Steve Heinen


I have a Vimeo account.  Mostly used for sons college b-ball recruiting. Never for elearning.  The licensing agreement for the videos I have requires them to reside behind my site protected LMS. Easy enough as one of my content types is a video link.  But would i insert as a web object into Storyline or Presenter? I also want my learners to just see the video without having to enter a password but cannot leave videos on Vimeo site with no protection as this would violate my user agreement. 

Simon Perkins

Videos can be uploaded to Vimeo and made private by setting Privacy "Who can watch to?" to "People with the private link". 

Embed in SL via Video > Video from website > insert embed code.

Works fine as the privacy element is revoked by embedding, ie the learner can view the video without any privacy issues + the video remains hidden from public view on Vimeo.

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