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Tom Kuhlmann

You have a few options with Articulate 360: Replay and Storyline.

I'd use either Replay or Storyline's screencasting feature. I think screencasts are more in line with expectations today.

Storyline does have a software simulation option where you can have them walk through the steps. Personally, I think that's mostly a 1990s-type approach to software training, since those types of simulations are mostly simple.

Sanchit Bhasin

Hi Tom,

I have created a simulation, as attached.

The benchmark is - http://articulate-heroes-authoring.s3.amazonaws.com/Nicole/Demos/SoftSim-BeforeAfter/SoftwareSim-After3/story_html5.html. This simulation allows learner to understand the steps by clicking the respective tabs. 

Could you guide me on how to improve my simulation, and add interactivity.