Video Quality Output

Dec 18, 2014

Hi there!

Fairly new to articulate, but absolutely love what I'm working with so far! I'm a trainer with my company and am making content for our LMS system. I did some very basic screen capture video segments, but the output is just poor quality and was hoping for some help.

I've tweaked the contrast/brightness, set the Publish Quality to 9, and tried using jedi mindtricks, but to no avail. Does anyone know of a compatible software I could use to record screens and zoom it without looking fuzzy?

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Brian Duvall

OK . . . I've seen video done with Storyline, and it ususally looks good.  I wonder if it's a problem with the way you captured your source video that's leading to the bad output.  Unfortunately, we've just purchased Storyline, so I'm not familiar enough with creating video with it to help.  We've used TechSmith's Camtasia up to this point.

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