Viewing Past Presentations

Aug 12, 2019

Have you ever looked at PowerPoint presentations you've done in the past and thought, "Good Lord, is that awful!!  What was I thinking?"  Today I wanted to add a portion of a course I did back in 2007 or BS (Before Storyline) and pulled up the presentation.  I was absolutely shocked at how bad it was.  And to make matters worse, at the time I was given high praise for the presentation as it was, "So much better than other classes we've been to."  What a difference an interactive software coupled with twelve additional years of working with it makes.

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Trina Rimmer

So relatable, Melanie! I know we're all our own worst critics, so I try to look back on my old work as a digital growth chart. Were my graphic design choices often cringe-worthy? Heck yeah! Would I do it all differently now? Definitely. But oh ... look how far I've come and what a ride it's been!

Thanks for sharing this thought with us. I enjoyed a little impromptu trip down design memory lane thanks to you!

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