Visibility of drag and drop items

Hello dearest community,

I am struggling with some visual problems in my course. Both quiz slides I attached (in one file) are drag and drop tasks. With almost the same visual problem, when ever an item is dropped and another one is any near to it, the dropped item cover the other one.

Yes u can just pick the other item up and it will be shown again, I know. But is there a possibilty that if an item covers another one, the other item snaps in a diffrent place? Like, item one ins dropped into a spot and covers item two. Now item 2 snaps automatically in another spot to be shown all the time? (I hope that makes any sense)

The other quiz slide reveal the text through a hoover state. When dropped close to another item, the textboxes cover each other. Again, not a big problem to just pick it up again, but...

Could also be possible for me to not see the forest for the trees..

I am happy for every idea and advice.

Thanks in advance.


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