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Mar 27, 2012

Hi all,

I am creating an e-learning course on the Job Task Analysis tool. On one of the screens, I have to depict the benefits of the tool. I want to do somthing different...but I am unable to come up with something. Any suggestions?

In the past, I have used the following approaches, which I am reluctant to repeat one more time:

  • Bullets with images
  • Grid containing text and images
  • Text appearing on a whiteboard
  • Text appearing on a signboard
  • Text appearing on a google map, and so on 
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Minh-Triet Nguyen

When I think of a task analysis tool, I think of a worksheet that lists out the tasks in rows and then in columns, are assigned ratings related to frequency that it's performed and its level of impact if done wrong. Multiply, possibly with by other factors to get a composite score.  It's a systemic approach to finding out what should be priorities for the department.

You could create an activity that lets users play with those factors to see how changing one thing impacts the composite score, and that task's rankings. 

If you wanted something more conceptual, how about a a weight scale, and stuff gets dropped on it representing the different types of factors and their weight.  Sort of punny, but there you go.

Shweta Mukherjee

Thanks for all the replies.

Meg: It is a Job Task analysis tool used to identify the duties/tasks performed by employees within the organization. Zoom/pan supported by text labels seems like a good idea but will not apply in this case as the tool is basically an excel sheet wherein you fill all the data based on your analysis.

Minh-Triet: I liked the idea of a weighing scale. The only problem is that all benefits have to be weighted equally so this approach will not apply here.

Michael: The benefits are:

  • During job transitions
  • On-boarding new employees
  • Promoting standardization
  • Identification of cross-functional tasks.
  • Foundation for creating a formal training program.

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