Voice over and text turn off/on

Mar 11, 2016

I am working on an e_Learning course and would like to provide the option for  to turn off the audio or text. Or keep them both active while the course is running.

Any tips would be great thanks...

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G Innes


Hi Deb

I've recently been working on something similar.  My design was to use Camtasia to record the screen casts as it does captions easily and export these videos twice - once with captions and once without.  Then record the audio separately.

Then in storyline, you could have a slick options screen at the start of your course using checkboxes  to turn captions/voice variables True or False.  Then on your slides, using triggers, play the screencast with or without captions (videos on separate layers or slides depending on their file size).  The audio can be done in a similar way - if audio variable is true, then play audio X.  If doing it that way, I like to include a pause timeline/resume timeline button on each slide as the pause video button won't pause the audio.

I haven't found a neat way to provide subtitle/captions in storyline hence the need for Camtasia.  If you must only use Storyline, you could have text boxes all over your timeline appearing and disappearing but that gets difficult to manage quite quickly.  If it is only a small amount of captions, I would put these on a separate layer and show/hide that depending on the captions variable.

I found this useful - help with check boxes: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/undoing-triggers-on-second-click

Hope that helps

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