Was able to randomize branches using question banks - now what?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else used "draw from question bank" slides to enable randomization in their courses. If so, what do you do with the menu? I am used to giving learners an option to navigate with the menu, but when I randomize this way, every slide from every branch appears in the menu at the same time. This makes using the menu as navigation impossible. Is there any workaround short of deleting the menu for the course?

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Shaun Martin

Morning Andrea,

Could you create your own menu rather than using the built in Player Menu?

I've recently started playing around with some tests to use Question Banks to deliver random content as well! I hadn't thought about menus though so on the back of your post I went into one of my test files and tried it out.

Works fine! Have a look at the attached if that would help (be warned - it's a very basic example!)