What Are The Benefits or Value of Upgrading from SL1 to SL2?

~ Hello Helpful Community ~

I have a client who is considering an upgrade from SL1 to SL2. I would like to make the case for SL2 (Partly for my own selfish reasons, including that I would benefit from using the latest version and getting to practice with the Sliders, Motion Paths, etc.).

Heroes I need your help! How would you convince a client to upgrade, what are the benefits of SL2 over SL1 and what is the value to an organization in upgrading?

~ Thanks for your time and input Community. ~ 

~ DD

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Melissa Milloway

I have a lot more to mention than this but I would say the newest additions save you a lot of time. I spent so much time before creating sliders from scratch before SL2. Once you start playing with the new functions it opens up new ideas for you. I hope that helps. Once my day slows down I can add more.

Tim Slade

Great question Danika,

Besides the fact that your client would be working with the latest and greatest, there are several other benefits...

  • Overall bug fixes. 
  • New opportunities to create different types of interactions with sliders, motion paths and the new triggers.
  • Improved/fixed text formatting.
  • Workflow improvements with dockable panels. 

These are just a few of the reasons. Also, if your client decides NOT to upgrade, they will not be able to work with any content in SL2. This is very important for those that need to be working with the latest and greatest. 

Here are a few additional resources that may help: