What final checks do you do before showcasing the module

Jul 10, 2017


In my company I am the only eLearning Designer, I was just wondering what final checks do you do, before showing the build to the SME?

I find that I over look grammar. Really, I find it's only in the modules I have built, like I have become blind to the errors. 

My final checks before SME showcase

  • Check published Passed/Failed
  • Check Scores
  • Check Assessment question have the right answers assigned to them (this has happened more than one lol)
  • I try to fit in a final read through as well, but I think I am so conscious of time and what else I have to do, that I am missing obvious errors....

Any help?



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Phil Mayor

You will not catch every error, and in someways it is about preparing your reviewer that there will be errors.

I will always try and go through the course 3 times without any errors, functional, spelling etc, before handing over for review.

You will have sat on top of this so much you will not see some errors at all.

Nancy Woinoski

There is a fairly easy way to check for spelling and grammar and formating errors. Use the File/Translation Export function to export the course text to a Word document. Do your spelling and grammar check  in the Word doc, fix any errors and then use the translation import to import the changes back into Storyline.  This won't catch any typos in graphics so you still need to do a visual check if you use graphics that contain text.

I would also check to make sure the course runs without error on the platforms and browsers that will be used by the end users once your course is deployed. 

Bob S

Hi Helen,

It's a great question. And not to read too much into it....

But for internal projects like yours, I try and make sure my SME's know to review only content for accuracy, completeness, etc - Not stylistic items or mechanics. After all they experts in the subject, you are the expert in the ID et al.  And I try and use another tester(s) to catch the other issues like grammar, visuals, etc.

Helen Gilbert

Thanks everyone!

Really helpful replies!

Nancy, I had no idea you could do that! I think the way it exports across will help, as I get distracted by the graphics and the interactions, so this will really isolate the text!

Bob, that's a good point, I am normally quite strict with the SME and I don't let them change the interactions and images unless there is a good reason too. When I email them the module to review it, I shall highlight they need to check the text ect.

Phil, that's a good idea, I guess if you find a mistake you have to start the three reviews again?

Thanks again, I shall put these into practice.


Michael Bauer

It is always great to run it past someone not involved in your project. When you look at your course day in, day out you don't see all the little errors.

Grab a colleague and promise to shout them a coffee if they review your course. You may get a few more things back that you hadn't picked up on that you can fix before you do a stakeholder review.

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