What is it that you actually do?

I have recently been asked to list all of the thing that I do as an Instructional Designer. I need to report it all. Everything from coloring homework, blogging, writing and all the other tiny little things we do. eLearning and ID work is a very new concept to my org so I have been asked to share what I do. This potentially could lead to a revaluation of my pay scale as well...? (fingers crossed)

I don't want to forget anything so I am hoping that you can help me. Can you list a few of the more obscure and unexpected tasks that you may have?

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Heather Steckley

A lot of identifying how to reuse content in a variety of ways across the company -- software documentation team, marketing, sales, professional services, as well as training.  Develop ppt slides for sales presentations, create "show me" demos for product documentation, marketing value prop videos, blog posts, user group sessions, customer surveys.  A lot of times it's designing diagrams or "making things pretty" as our CTO likes to call it.  I like to say it's improving audience retention, but whatever. 

Heidi Payne

Hey, Zara~

I just had to do this in June when they create my new position! It not only changed my pay scales, but created new ones for future expansion of our department (currently just me). 

I do a lot more than ID, but I've attached my detailed list if it helps any. The last two pages are state-approved text that I have to use, so you may want to ignore it. I'll let you know if I think of anything else. I really owe you and this community cuz I wouldn't have this position if it wasn't for everyone here!!!  


Daniel Brigham

Hi, Zara:

Cute kid, btw. Obscure things:

--work as a liason between client and management -- ids are really on both sides.

--manage client expectations -- you know when the client wants this cool thing in Flash, and you're like, "well, we COULD do that, but that would probably take x amount of hours."

--record and just as importantly edit narration, including finding cool sfx to use.

--help other people in the org with presentations and design questions

--performance consulting -- if learning is change after all. As ids, we are always asking, what's the best way to get these learners to change -- their ideas, their beliefs, what they know.

Best of luck with the eval.