What is the best way to have our designers design a template to use in SL if they do not have a license for SL?

Mar 15, 2016

I am developing a Learning Plan for our clients and because these courses will be viewed by people outside of our organization, we wanted marketing to create a template.  This way the clients will still be able to experience our branding as they take these courses. Our marketing department does not have a license for SL. Would the  best way for them to do this is in PowerPoint and then I import? I wasn't sure if there was another way around this.  Thank you in advance. 

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Nancy Woinoski

Give them your specifications. For example, what story size are you using,what fixed player features etc. Let them know what parts of the interface they can control and what parts are fixed. Then have them develop a colour scheme and     Background. They can create a mockup in PowerPoint but I would not import it into SL and expect the have a functional template. I would use the mock up to recreate the design in Storyline.

Michael Gallagher

As Nancy mentions, use PowerPoint to make your storyboard template. Take note of the size you want your Storyline file to be and set the PowerPoint file to the same size. Example: SL course size is 980 x 600 pixels, PowerPoint size would be 10.21 inches x 6.25 inches. The Reason for doing this is that you want the aspect ratio to be the same for layout purposes and later for importing the PowerPoint into the Storyline file. This will save you some time in developing the Storyline course. You will still be doing most of the building in Storyline, but most of the content from the PowerPoint can be utilized , hence saving time. You will experience some weirdness with font sizes etc. but you can adjust that in the Storyline file. Also, make sure you set up your Masters in PowerPoint properly because they will come over as Masters in Storyline.

good luck!

David Anderson

Hi Sandie -

I wrote an article on using PowerPoint as a starter template that can be imported into Storyline at a later time. The idea was that SMEs could assist with some of the early development.

Here's the article: http://blogs.articulate.com/word-of-mouth/building-e-learning-interactions-with-your-smes/

And here are the screencasts: http://learn.articulate.com/content-templates/

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