What Percent of LMS Content is Built Outside of LMS?

This might be an odd question, but I am starting process to evaluate LMSs for my company (1000+ employees) and one thing that crossed my mind is how much of the course content people put in their LMS is built with tools like Storyline or video editors, and how much is built in the LMS using their tools? My company doesn't have much history to pull from.


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Karl Muller

The answer to your question depends largely on the capabilities of the LMS that you are using.

Our LMS only delivers courses and does reporting, so all of our courses are developed outside the LMS using Articulate products.

On the other hand if you have a LCMS that has course creation capabilities that can compare with those of Articulate or Adobe, then you have the option not to use external development tools. 

Doug Davis

I agree with Karl, as it depends on the capabilities of the LMS that are being used. It also depends on what external programs are being used by co-workers or instructors and their compatibility with the LMS. Some LMS's have very good built-in testing capabilities and lecture capturing tools. I have some experience with this from a University that I used to work for but I currently work for a company, who is beginning the search for LMS as well. 

Karl Muller

Should you develop courses within a LMS, something to consider is what the migration options are should you choose/need to change to a different LMS in the future.

In most cases you would have to manually recreate your courses in a different system when you change systems (LMS or course development system).

Been there, done that :-(