What's the best practice for Knowledge Checks?

Feb 20, 2017

Hi, I have a text-heavy drag and drop matching activity. The learner drags 10 terms to the correct definitions. I want to know the best practice for handling when the user does not get it correct the first time. 

When they select the answers and click the Submit button. Should the knowledge check:

a) clear all of the answers (right and wrong), and return them to a clean slate?

b) show them temporarily what they got right and wrong first, and THEN return them to a clean slate?


Thank you for your help.

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Harish Bhagavathula

I guess using a drop-down interactivity might help here. Showing all the 10 definitions on screen and asking the learner to select the right term from the drop-down might be easy to use for the learner. Once the user selects all the answers and clicks on the submit button, you could show a right or wrong icons besides respective answers for easy identification. Along with this, we could provide a view answers button which will open a pop-up in which all the correct answers are displayed. If you want the user to try again, you could display the view answers button after number of attempts are complete. 

Andy Jones

Hi Ramona,

The answer is: "it depends".  How important is it that the learner actually knows this stuff?  Does this count towards an assessment?  Should they know it?  There really isn't any best practice here because the options are so large.

My preference would be to treat them like adults and give them the information they need to be motivated.  So tell them they're allowed 3 tries at this (for example).  And tell them how many attempts they've used up.  On the last attempt, you could show them some hints (if you're feeling generous).

After the last attempt then they either don't get it or don't care.  Again, you have options - you could send them back to the start of the section/topic/etc. so that they have to learn it and focus on your carefully crafted content.  Or you could report a lower score to the LMS.  Or you could tell them the answers and explain why they're correct.

It all depends on the use case that you have.

I hope that helps?

Jenda George

We show a summary screen and pull in all of the given questions and the learner's selections, highlighting what they got right (Good job!) and what they got wrong (Oops!). They can take as much time on that screen to review their answers as they'd like.Since they have to get an 80% to pass, they get two more chances to try again (our quizzes are only 5 questions per lesson/topic).

Since they have to get an 80% to pass, they get two more chances to try again (our quizzes are only 5 questions per lesson/topic). It's worth noting, however, that each quiz has a pool of 15 (minimum) questions, so they rarely see the same question twice.

Wendy Farmer

I do similar to Jenda.  My clients normally only give two attempts but we show them immediate correct feedback and then on second attempt we give all feedback. 

There is nothing worse than not knowing if you got 9/10 correct or 1/10 correct when you get unlimited tries - you end up going through the motions of dragging and dropping just to get it over with - what is the learning then?

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