What's the best way to populate quiz banks with similar but customized questions?

Apr 28, 2015

I've customized a Master Question layout that I'm happy with and I want to now fill up my question banks with questions. I also have a set of customized Feedback Master layouts that I'd like to use, and I would like to add sounds to play on correct and incorrect responses.

What's the fastest/best way to now create a large set of questions that use these customizations? As far as I can tell, the Master layouts only control layout. I haven't seen an option to assign the sounds until I create each question, and selecting which feedback master to use seems to be a property of the question slide itself.

Is there a way to use the Master Question layout feature so that each question I create comes out with all these customizations, or is it better to create one question of each type and then duplicate them and edit the text?

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