What video equipment do you use?

May 22, 2012

We are exploring the idea of doing some basic in-house video productions.  Nothing fancy, just basic videos we can use for training purposes.  Does anyone have suggestions on good, solid, fairly simple video cameras and video editing software?

Oh yeah, and it needs to be 'reasonably' priced as our budget is almost nonexistent!

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Richard Donoghue

On a tight budget maybe a simple Flip Cam can do the job, in a well lit room. It may also be worth trying out a phone camera as they also produce a similar quality of video nowadays which would mean your already halfway there. For editing I use Camtasia, it's pretty intuitive and not expensive in comparison to other video editing software. I got to grips with the basics by following a couple of you tube videos. Here's their website if your interested:


Hope my suggestions help  


Kate Rash

I agree with Richard. We use Flip cameras around our offices and have had good luck. However, Flips have been discontinued, so I would look into some of the point-and-shoot cameras that are out there that have the HD video capabilities, or (as Richard suggested), using a newer iPhone camera (or similar) would probably be good enough quality, too.

The main thing to consider (which we've learned by trial and error), is to just test your setup before you spend time recording. (Can you see and hear the person ok? Don't set them them up in a noisy room, or put them too far away from the camera, where the mic is located.)

As for video editing, we've found that iMovie works the best. Unfortunately, you need to have a Mac computer to use this software, but it's easy-to-use and inexpensive.

Good luck!

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