What Will Articulate 360 AI Unlock for You?

May 14, 2024

Hi everyone! 

Whether you found this post from David Anderson’s Articulate 360 AI preview and roundtable discussion or are just cruising the site, we want to hear from you!  

Are you as excited as we are about the upcoming launch of Articulate 360 AI? We’d love to hear how you think it will improve your course creation workflow.

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13 Replies

I’m still recovering from the announcement that AI Assistant is coming to Storyline—in July! I’ve been focusing so much on Rise that this news caught me completely off guard. Out of nowhere, we learn that Storyline is getting the same incredible AI features.

The features I’m most excited about are the AI Images and the Writing Partner. The AI Images were phenomenal, and the visual styles were appealing for each style option. The custom-style prompt was also a nice bonus. 

But what I appreciate most about Articulate’s approach to AI is its philosophy of responsible AI. Dave mentioned how AI Assistant will still let users control their content, and if I don’t like something or want to modify or customize it, I can.

I loved hearing Dustin talk about how the AI assistant will have multiple prompts to iterate with me to get what I need. This approach is the right way to think about AI rather than expecting a one-click-magic solution to fit every need. Overall, I couldn't be more excited about everything you're working on!

Shannon Connor

I, too, am pleased with what Articulate is doing. I am using AI in my design and development work every day. To be honest, I have been worried that Articulate would lose market share if they didn’t implement AI soon. This is an area ripe for disruption, but I trust the folks at Articulate implicitly and am looking forward to seeing the update in July. Let me know if you need a beta tester. I don’t know why, but i always seem to find the problems (ask my husband). 😆

Steve Blackwell

I can't say what it will unlock for me, as I can't see anything that our team would use it for (we work in software simulation and in an industry with low budgets).

New Authors encouraged
I can say, however, that many people who are new to eLearning authoring, will be able to quickly convert raw content into something more digestible and they will be able to support their content with highly tailored imagery (and video to come).

Variety for the Seasoned
I think it will be useful to try on different writing styles.

I would hope on this latter feature of AI in Articulate, that the iterations you try can be walked back and forth with undo/redo.

Baked into the product and not a bolt-on.  Also, imagine a way of being able to share each of these multiple iterations in Review 360 with your SMEs or stakeholders, to gain agreement on the preferred versions.

Exciting times indeed.

Hugh V

I think the ability to create realistic talking head videos and be able to alter the script and regenerate is a game changer but the big question is, at what cost? There are numerous other providers out there that offer this service and its not cheap.

I predict there are going to be different Articulate AI options, with differing price points. Will they offer discounts/incentives to those of us who have used their products for years?

Karl Muller

Long time Rise user and very active on the forums. 

I have attended all the Articulate AI presentations, and have read whatever I could find on this topic

However, until we actually start using the AI features, it's impossible to accurately say what precisely Articulate AI will unlock for us.

Depending on the price of the Premium Package, we may sadly not actually get to use the AI features. I suspect that there are a number of teams that would not be able to afford the Premium Package.

I understand that Articulate had to roll out AI features to remain competitive. However, this is not what the community has been asking for.

The Rise Forums are replete with hundreds (no exaggeration) of requests and pleas to make small but essential improvements to Rise blocks.

These small changes would elevate Rise from a good online course development app. to an excellent app, and would also benefit everyone, not only those that can afford the Premium package. 

I love using Rise, as does my small team (5 seats), but we are truly astounded how absolutely tone deaf Articulate is to so many community requests to make small yet essential fixes, rather than roll out new features. 

Paul Arrighi

Firstly yes - Rise Blocks and a large list of enhancements need to be progressed.

As for unlocking possibilities - the missed opportunity is to enable integration of a 'chat box' limited to resources, eg pdfs loaded into a course. 

Think about uploading many pdfs (or a different file format) that serves as background information on a course topic (eg. a course is about servicing a heater, and in the course are uploaded are all the specs and manuals for all the company's heaters, or its about creating contracts and all the contract laws are uploaded etc et al)

As part of the course or as a resource, a learner can then ask specific domain questions and the answers are contextualised and limited to the resources.  Adobe has this feature for pdf's now.  Articulate can add a learning layer to this right...

Jennifer Smith

Hi everyone! 
It sounds like most of you are super excited about the upcoming AI features, which I'm happy to hear :)

@Karl it sounds like you're disappointed because you'd rather have us focus on incremental changes to Rise 360 than AI. I hear you! I have some good news for you, though—we're working on that, too! If you check our roadmap you'll see some of those requests on it, and there's more we'll be adding soon. Stay tuned!

Ray Cole

I would like to see Articulate focus their AI efforts first on automating the crazy amount of work it is to make a Storyline course fully accessible by hand. Why do I have to manually add closed-captions to a video when we have AI technology that can do this for me? Why do I have to manually add "ALT" text to my images? When I drop an image onto a Storyline slide, an AI process should start that "looks" at the image and generates a short ALT tag for me. When I drop a video onto a slide, an AI process should automatically generate closed caption files and an audio description of what's happening in the video. 

After all the manual work of making a Storyline course accessible is automated away by AI processes, I would next like Articulate to point their AI efforts at localization/translation. Other companies already have working AI tech that can take a talking-head video, clone the voice, generate a transcript, translate the transcript into a new language, use the cloned voice from the original video to read back the translated transcript, sync up the new audio of the cloned voice speaking in the new language to the original video, and modify the lips of the person in the video to sync up with the audio generated by the cloned voice. I want this built into Storyline.

When I drop a video onto a slide, a little pop-up should appear with checkboxes I can select to indicate how I want the video processed: Do I want to generate closed captions? Audio description of the visual contents? Translation into a new language (if selected, present me with a list of possible target languages)? Do I want the translated audio to match the original audio (same voice) or do I want to use one of the Neural or other AI voices instead? etc. I should be able to tick off the options I want, click OK, and the AI processes should do all the work behind the scenes.

I'm not very interested in having AI processes write course content for me, but I am very interested in having AI processes remove the grunt work in current accessibility and localization workflows.