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Ridvan  Saglam
Sarah Hodge

Hi Greg! I just wanted to mention that we have a jobs hub here in the community, so you may want to post the job there for maximum visibility. I know some graphic artists look at that hub for e-learning specific opportunities. 

I also wanted to share these tips for successful collaboration with graphic designers with you to help make sure the process goes smoothly.  

Best of luck in your search!

Tineke Walstra

Hi Greg, 

I Am a freelance graphic designer from Amsterdam and I'd be happy to help you out. Not to long ago I started working with Articulate. I can definetely help you with the design of an e-learning. At the moment I am designing a template for a company in wich they can make their future e-learnings. I am now logged in on an  articulate account through the company I work for.  My Name is Rosalie Gubbels. You can take a look at my portfolio at: www.rosaliegubbels.nl. Also if you are interested in checking out the template I am designing at the moment you can send me an e-mail at rosaliegubbels@gmail.com

Cheers! Rosalie