Where can I obtain Comic Style Characters to use in Articulate 09?

Mar 31, 2014

No, I don't have Storyline yet, but I'd like to use comic style characters in Presenter, Engage and my other PowerPoint courses. Training department pockets aren't deep...so be kind with your suggestions (: Although, I'll skip a few lunches to get a few comic characters for my courses.

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Bryan Jones


We've taken a few different approaches to this at eLearningArt for our members. I'd suggest you check out our illustrated eLearning characters. I'm guessing that the illustrated "cartoon characters" are the closest to what you're looking for, but you should also check out the comic characters that we've created through some complex filtering as well. If there's a character from our library that isn't in one of the stylized formats, let me know and we can create it for you. 

The other option is to look at some of the free clipart characters that are built into PowerPoint. You won't find quite as many poses per character for this option, but if you stick within a specific style, you can create some design consistency. Tom has a few articles in the archives about ungrouping clipart in your courses. And check out the article the Jackie linked to as well. I hope that helps!




Ray Cole

The "Style Number" was a feature of the Microsoft Online clipart website. Each image in the clipart database had a "Style Number" associated with it. Images with the same Style Number were drawn in the same style, and the style number was something you could search on. Searching on Style Number 823 would bring up only images drawn in that particular comic-book style.

This was an absolutely marvelous feature which, unfortunately, no other image database I'm aware of has implemented. Style Numbers allowed instructional designers to create courses using clipart that all shared the same style number, making all images seem like they belonged together and avoiding the "ransom note" random-clip-art look.

That said, Microsoft decommissioned the Microsoft Online clipart database, so it no longer exists. Greg's post was from over 6 years ago. When he made the post, the Microsoft Online clipart library was up and running. Now, it sadly is no more.

One place you can still get some free resources for comics is from http://designcomics.org/.

Mónica Galván

Tal vez si encuentras una computadora con la versión anterior a 2000 de Office Microsoft tiene la galería Clip Ar, en ese momento se instalaron junto con el paquete completo del programa.
También puede probar los CD de instalación para esas versiones.

(Mi inglés es muy malo, lo siento si no lo expreso correctamente)

¿Hay algún foro de hispanoparlantes?


Mónica -    << Argentina >>

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