Which LMS works best with Articulate storyline

Hi everone,

My company is looking for an eLearning solution for existing non system related courses (eg. employee induction,compliance etc) as well as role specific training for the  new CRM software we have launched.

We want software simulations explaining different customer scenarios via eLearning.

I need some suggestions about  which authoring tool and LMS will be the best.

Something easy and simple to use and implement for the start.

I have heard that Articulate Storyline is great.But not sure if its the right one and which LMS to buy with it.

I was looking for one which is not expensive, offers great reporting and course distribution options and is easy to use and install.Also the users we are liiking to cater are about 200-250.

Please give any suggestions you have and how to start.



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Andy Butcher

Well, there are a plethora of options available. However, if you are looking for the best LMS Software, I think you can find the best available options on Google.

The best sources to find top Learning Management Systems, please visit:



Hope it will be helpful to you where you can compare features and pricing as per your need.

Neha Parikh

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