Which Moodle Activity/Resource to use

I have a client who wants to be able to upload docs to a Moodle course, and then to be able to check-off learners as 'complete' after a face-to-face session where they will demonstrate that they have read and understood the docs.

My question is - what would be the best Moodle resource/activity to use for this - effectively I want there to be an activity in the course that says something like 'I have read and understood the material', and for the course manager/teacher to be able to check this off after the student has met with them.

Any Moodlers out there with suggestions as to how to accomplish this?


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G Innes

Hi Andrew

Moodle has activity completion tracking which can be used to mark anything as complete.  So for example, you can upload a PDF document (or Articulate interaction) and allow the student to manually mark as complete or automatically when viewed.  As a tutor, you can see an overview of the class progress.

For Moodle Activities (including Articulate content uploaded as SCORM) you can set conditions such as - students must pass the quiz to mark as complete.

Once you start using activity completion tracking, you can set access restrictions on other activities based on the results of the tracking.  E.g. you can have a final quiz appear once all the topic documents have been viewed and marked as complete.

With key resources hidden and using the completion tracking with Moodle Labels, you can also have a statement such as "Tick this box to confirm you have read and understood this document".  Then, once the label is marked as complete, the hidden resources are revealed.

It is very powerful.  I hope that helps :)


Andrew Dunn

Thanks Gavin - it's a pretty specific functionality I'm looking for, and I don't think Moodle has it yet - I just want a teacher to be able to login and check a student as 'complete' for an activity (not the entire course). Others have had the same question, it seems: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=218954

G Innes

Oh I see, the teacher marks as complete- that is rather unusual. What about
grading an offline activity with activity completion turned on?
The tutor gives the student a grade and it is marked as complete. The
teacher can see who still has to finish and each student knows the have
completed it?