Who does your company buy courses from (licenses)?

Nov 28, 2012

We are in negotiations for new courses for 2013 and are debating whether we can afford our current provider. I am overall happy with the courses in general, but wonder if I have any less expensive options out there that still provide decent courses (I don't just want a bunch of click and read courses). I am looking for general business courses and the possibility of a safety course catalog.  We currently use SkillSoft and load the AICC files into our own LMS.

I continue to build courses internally, but I am a one man team and don't have the luxury of 24 hours a day of developing time. I still have to manage the LMS and do all my other jobs.   My average production time on a good course is 3-4 weeks for a 20-30 minute course. Right now I have been working on a safety training course for over 2 months inbetween my normal workload.


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Brooke Schepker

Hi, Gina!  Have you checked out Rapid Course by chance?

With Rapid Course, we provide you with the source files of the off-the-shelf content (all the files we, as developers, used to design and develop the course in Articulate) so you can quickly customize it to your unique needs.  For example, you could swap out the color scheme used throughout, add any company-specific policies relevant to the course, upload your organization's logo, and much more.  Because you have the source files, you can publish for use in any LMS.

To view our current listing of courses, go to rapidcourse.com and then click the Courses menu.  I am happy to provide a preview of any course, as well as provide a course map of those courses that are currently in development.  We are here to help when/if you need us.

Thanks and hope this helps!

Gina Hoekstra

Thanks for your recommendations. I am looking more for bulk licensing into a business catalog as I had with Skillsoft. We won't be able to afford 100's of courses individually at this point which is the reason we are looking away from SkillSoft in the first place. I like their product, just not the price. I looked at Element K and Mindleaders but they are both owned  by SkillSoft now.  Does anyone else know of any other companies like those?


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