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This might seem like a strange question, but you know how you can have articulate studio on more than one computer, but you shouldn't use them at the same time (because that would imply more than one person was trying to use on licence?)

If I have two computers at home, and I put articulate on both, can I use one while the other is publishing. I find it REALLY annoying to wait for things to publish and not being able to work while it is happening (expecially when small errors mean you end up publishing 3 or 4 times,  I always seem to miss small details! )

Would this be allowed, or would it somehow get noticed and get me suspended or something.


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Dave Newgass

Hello Kayla,

You put together a good argument as to why you should be able to use them both at the same time.  Although I have not trolled 'legal stuff' regarding the licenses, your points are real valid.

I'm sure somebody from Big A will chime in....failing that, drop an email to corporate.



steve mcmillen

I have done this.  From what I gathered you are allowed two installs with your license as long as it is ONLY for you.  I tried to work off of files on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) however I have come across weird issues when dealing with Articulate project files on a network drive.  What I've found works fairly well is using a sync service like Dropbox to sync your files between the two computers.  Obviously you can't be working on the same file at the same time, and in fact you have to be careful about not overriding a previous save but if you are familiar with using Dropbox then this will be no problem.

Kayla Burtch

Hi Steve,

I already use articulate on two computers, my question was more concerning the part of the terms of service where it says you should not use articulate on both computers at the same time (assuming this is because it would imply two different people were using the software) so I was just wondering, if I'm publishing on one computer, can I keep working on the other... or would this get me banned.