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May 01, 2013

Just wondering if people put their own name on their course, and where they put it?

I really want to put my name on the course as the author/ designer, but not sure where to put it. Partly because the course is for external clients and I want them to know who did the e-learning design in terms of possible future work. My course finishes with a slide showing instructions on how to contact my organisation, so it's not really appropriate to put a 'designed by...' slide at the end.

I was thinking about using the resources tab, either renaming it, or adding an extra tab, and putting in a special slide with details of who wrote the course.

What do others do?

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Phil Mayor

I dont add any personal branding or name to a clients course. None of my courses have any contact details for my company, the clients paid me to build a course for them not to advertise myself.

You may want to ask the client if they are happy for you to add your name, if they say yes i would add it on the company contact details page.

Fiona  Telford-Sharp

Sorry, my original post wasn't clear. The course isn't for a client, it's a course that I've developed for the organisation I work for. External clients of my organisation are signed up to pay us to do our online training course.

I was thinking of it a bit like if you author a book, you put your name on it. I admit that 50% of my reasoning is that I would like people to know I wrote it. However I also would like to put my name and the name of the other person who consulted on the content, with our qualifications after our names, as it gives legitimacy to the content because we both have appropriate qualifications in our field of expertise.

Bruce Graham

I would do this in a subtle way - if at all, perhaps an "Authors" tab.

If they want to click they can.

I would try and make things so that whoever looked at the course either 1> did not need to know about you or 2> if they did, then that familiarisation with your credentials came before the course in some way.

Good question - I guess that I just feel my name is out of place in the content, that's all.


Mike Taylor

I have colleagues who always include a credits slide at the end. Personally I could go either way as long as there is some way that people taking the course can ask questions and provide feedback. The method, whether it's via a credits slide with names and contact information or a "Contact Us' form (my preference) isn't as important having a way to communicate.

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