You Tube and SL360

Mar 12, 2018

I understand that Google has restricted embedding You Tube into SL360. After some experimenting, I am still short on how best to use You Tube (public video not what we have uploaded). In this specific case, the course is Presenter 360. Some questions:

1. is there a difference between embedding a You Tube video and using a hyperlink? Does embedding breach copyrights? If so, is the hyperlink with citations the correct approach?

2. If we use hyperlinks, is there a way to control the video, e.g., is there a way to not see any frontend advertisements, e.g., start video at 25 seconds. Next, is there a way to not show any of the sequential videos that You Tube loads? The forum previously suggested using: as an example for embedding with some variables. Is there a similar string to have the same outcome with hyperlinks? Sorry for the long question. My brain is probably too fried to see an answer. Thanks for your help.


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Will Findlay

Regarding #1: When you publish a video to YouTube, you have the choice of whether or not to allow embedding. To me that suggests that it would not be a violation of copyright as the publisher can prevent embedding if they do not want people to embed. But I am not a lawyer. My dad's a lawyer, but that definitely doesn't qualify me to give legal advice.

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