"You Win" sound effects?

Nov 28, 2017

Hi Heroes,

I need a "ding-ding-ding you win!" sound effect to indicate to learners when they have solved a problem (of the half-dozen or so they are trying to solve in this simulation). I'm hoping there is a suitable sound effect in the Adobe Audition Loopology bundle (https://offers.adobe.com/en/na/audition/offers/audition_dlc.html) because, as a subscriber to the Creative Cloud (which includes Audition), I already have paid for these effects. The problem is there are so many that it could take me a good long while to hunt through all the car crashes, laser blasts, and explosions, looking for the right happy sound effect. I'm hoping someone here knows the Loopology sound effects library well and can point me in the right direction.

Can anyone suggest a favorite "you win" sound effect from this library?



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Ray Cole

Hi Joe,

Thanks! There are a couple of ones there that might have worked. "Success 1" and "Success 2" are both pretty good, I think, and I may consider using one as the sound for when the learner solves all of the problems in the simulation.

What I ended up doing was using the sound "Production Element Title Transition Bell Chime 02.wav" from the Adobe Loopology library. It was a little too long at 6 seconds, so I took it into Audition and time-squeezed it by 50% and that seems to be working OK for my purposes now. But I've been thinking it might make sense to have a different sound for "all challenges solved" and if I decide to go down that path, I may use one of these sound effects you found at Freesound.org.

Thanks for the link!