YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE - Using documents inside elearning - embed vs linking

When designing elearning we sometimes include links to documents. From a functionality perspective, these can either be embedded inside the Storyline course or held somewhere else and linked to from the Storyline course. 

I know there are pros and cons to each method but was wondering what other people tend to do (and why) as we want to try and come up with a standardised way of doing it in the company I work for (internal L&OD function)

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Phil Mayor

Alway s a problem. If they are documents that do not change then i would recommend to clients they are stored inside of the Storyline course. If they are Policies, SOPs or important documents that are reviewed and changed regularly and the link remains the same on the web/intranet of the organisation I would recommend linking. If however the link changes then I would embed and ensure the organisation has regular review dates for the learning.



Matthew Bibby

I prefer to link to documents as it makes it easier to update them later without republishing the course. This is especially important if the documents are included in more than one course. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you have to update multiple courses because a core document changed! 

The only downside to this is if a link stops working. That's why I use this approach which allows me to update hyperlinks without republishing. I also have a service that I use to automatically monitor the hyperlinks over time so I'll be alerted if one needs updating.

But as Phil said, if the documents aren't going to change, then storing them inside the course might make more sense.