Issue installing Peek

I used the trial version of 360 in January and then upgraded to the full version in February.

When I logged in it said there was an update to storyline so I clicked to make the update but then kept getting an error that the update wouldn't work.

I uninstalled 360 and all the components and started from fresh. Storyline, Studio and Replay all installed fine, but now Peek will not download.

My IT department have checked that Peek was uninstalled correctly and have made several attempts to install Peek but all to no avail. We just keep getting the message that it has failed to download.

Please can you help? 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trevor,

Were you trying to download Peek for Windows or Mac? Did Peek previously work for you or just based on this latest install of Articulate 360 it's not working? I'm guessing your team already worked through the issue detailed here, so next I'd want to get you working with our Support Engineers. I've opened up a case for you and they'll be in touch soon! 

Trevor Young

Hi Ashley I was installing Peek onto my PC.

I had previously installed it and it was all working well. Then when I bought a full license for 360, the download crashed and wouldn't update Storyline.

My IT department did a full uninstall of Storyline 360. Then when we re-installed the issue updating Storyline was fixed but now Peek won't install.

It's very strange as it all worked fine for the trial.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hm, were you using the same Articulate ID for your trial and then your subscription? Once your trial was activated as a purchase you should have been able to continue with the tools as before and it just would have updated your account status. I did open the case for you, so our team will be in touch via email to gather some more info and get your installation figured out right away! 

Ashley Terwilliger

So glad Miker was able to get you back up and running! If you need anything else, always feel free to reach out here in the ELH forums, but don't hesitate to contact our Support Engineers either. They're around 24/7 and it's always free to contact Support, even while using a trial of Articulate! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicole,

I see a couple of messages from you to our team and that Mark replied to you to help you with any installation issues with your software, but it also looks like you mentioned in another reply that you were using a remote desktop and figured it out.

If you need further help, just let Mark know. I'm going to share your reply here with him as well :)